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If you and your spouse have decided to take the collaborative approach to deal with your divorce or separation, or if you have questions, get started by contacting a divorce coach or lawyers from different firms listed below.

All professionals within the Collaborative Association are specialized in helping couples deal with the issues that result from divorce and separation.


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Collaborative Lawyers

Although the Collaborative process is an alternative to resolving family law issues without going to court, the settlement reached is still a legal agreement. As such, it is essential that you have advice from an experienced family law lawyer on all legal issues relating to children, such as custody, guardianship, access and support, as well as on all issues relating to spousal support and division of property.

Collaborative Lawyers have several years of experience in dealing with family law issues, and they have been trained and certified as mediators by the Law Society of BC. In addition, they have taken specialized training in Collaborative Law.

Applying their legal knowledge and their cutting-edge negotiation skills, the Collaborative Lawyers assist you and your spouse or partner in reaching constructive solutions that address your interests and those of your children.

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Divorce Coach

Separation and divorce are at the top of the list of life’s stressors; the effect on families can be devastating, and the impact felt for many years. Relationships are damaged, sometimes irreversibly, by the intense feelings of confusion, anger, loss and conflict.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to minimize the impact of separation and divorce on your family by working with a Divorce Coach in the Collaborative process.

Divorce Coaches are professionals with a counselling background who have expertise in family dynamics. They also have specialized training in the Collaborative process and mediation.

In a supportive and counselling role, your Divorce Coach assists you in being at your best in the process of separation and divorce by helping to resolve the intensity of emotions involved and improving the communication skills needed to move through the process. In four-way meetings, your Coach is there to ensure that your needs, concerns and feelings are understood by your lawyer, your spouse or partner, and the professionals representing your spouse or partner.

You will be more in control of the separation process, with more predictable outcomes for your family. You’ll have an improved co-parenting relationship with your spouse or partner, and your children will benefit from having a Parenting Plan that meets their unique development needs. Dignity and self-respect will be restored for all involved. You’ll be better equipped for the transition to the next stage of your life.

If you realize the benefit of a supportive environment that recognizes your priorities and values, as well as the best interests of the children, then consult with a Divorce Coach to find out more about the Collaborative process.

What Can a Divorce Coach do for my Family?

Divorce coaching provided by specialized counsellors is an important resource for assisting individuals coping with the stresses and life re-organization that comes with a separation and/or a divorce.

There are many life changing complications that come with a separation/divorce and a divorce coach will assist people to make changes as the result of a divorce (i.e., lifestyle, financial, family and social orientations).

Divorce Coaches can help you to:

  • Make healthy and well-reasoned decisions;
  • Recognize and establish new and healthy boundaries;
  • Minimize the emotional and psychological impact of separation and divorce on your family;
  • Cope with difficult decisions during legal negotiations;
  • Assist in resolving the intensity of emotions involved in separation;
  • Improve communication skills that will be needed;
  • Gain greater control of the process, with more predictable outcomes for you and your family;
  • Improve the co-parenting relationship with your spouse or partner;
  • Develop a Parenting Plan with developmental goals and priorities that meets your children’s needs

Child Specialist

Separation or divorce may impact children most of all. They are often unable to understand or express their feelings, and communication with their parents may be particularly strained.

If you or your Divorce Coach has special or unique needs, concerns or issues regarding children, the Collaborative process provides you and your spouse the opportunity to engage an expert to address these needs. With the information received from the Child Specialist about the children, Divorce Coaches are better able to assist parents to craft a Parenting Plan to address the children’s unique age specific needs or concerns.

The Child Specialist is a registered mental health practitioner who has specialized training in child therapy and child development, as well as expertise in separation and divorce issues as they relate to children. In addition, the Child Specialist has training in the Collaborative process and mediation.

The Child Specialist is a neutral third party whose role in the process is to focus exclusively on the children’s needs, concerns and / or their interests. As such, the Child Specialist acts as an advocate for the children to ensure that their needs are addressed. The Child Specialist meets with the children to help them deal with the impact of their parents’ separation on their lives.

The Child Specialist’s role may include interactive sessions with the children, and possibly, a more formal and therapeutic assessment of them. It may also include observation of the children with their immediate family, as well as consultation with extended family or community members. The conclusions of the Child Specialist are shared with the Collaborative team and the parents, so that this information can be considered in the desired outcomes, including the development of a Parenting Plan.

Financial Advisor

Separation and divorce will impact you and your family financially for many years into the future. Avoiding court is one way you can minimize the financial impact; the other way is to engage in the Collaborative process, where all your resources are directed at developing solutions for your unique situation.

In the Collaborative process, many couples benefit from hiring a Financial Advisor to assist them in developing viable financial options for their future. The Financial Advisor is a Certified Financial Planner with specialized training in the Collaborative process, mediation, and the financial impact of separation and divorce on families.

The Financial Advisor is a neutral third party who assists couples in gathering financial information, budget preparation and asset management. He or she helps couples to better understand their financial situation and the impact of the separation process. The Financial Advisor will also assist couples to set future goals for financial security, and will give them a reality check, which could eliminate costly mistakes going forward.

The Financial Advisor will also provide information as to the implications of the choices being considered by a couple, based on their means and goals, as well as the tax implications, various options for division of assets, and long-term projections of investment incomes.

With the assistance of a Financial Advisor, you and your lawyers, along with your spouse or partner, can construct a comprehensive financial plan and settlement to transition you to the next stage of your life.