Good Divorces: Myth or Reality?

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provided by Manpreet Mand / Hepburn Mand & Glass Here is an interesting article about a couple that had a “good divorce” through the courts:—-im-living-proof_b_9636584.html. Collaborative law is another process that can help people obtain that “good divorce” they want. It provides an opportunity to work together towards a resolution that is created in everyone’s best interests. April 14 … Read More

A Sculpture is Worth a Thousand Words

"Inner Child", by Alexander Milov provided by Manpreet Mand / Hepburn Mand & Glass This sculpture may speak to you in many different ways. During a separation or divorce, you may feel overcome by your hurt and anger and during this time of stress, you may even lose track of your true self. This can be a time when you feel most stubborn. Collaborative … Read More

Ancient Wisdom Recycled: “Beware The Man Of One Book”

provided by D. Art Kewin / Divorce Road Map This ancient wisdom is attributed to many learned people from Seneca (1st C) to St. Thomas Aquinas (13th C) and more recent thinkers. It is particularly valuable today for anyone seeking divorce expertise. There are 5 key civil dispute resolution process options: kitchen table negotiations, litigation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. … Read More

What are the differences between mediation and the collaborative process?

provided by Maritza A. Verdun-Jones /South Point Law Centre As a family lawyer, collaborative lawyer and mediator, I often get asked what is the difference between these two processes? At first blush, it may appear that there are little differences between these two processes. After all, both are alternative dispute resolution mechanisms which are voluntary and designed to keep participants … Read More

Is the Process of Collaborative Law for Everyone?

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Written by Maritza Verdun-Jones /South Point Law Centre Notwithstanding that the collaborative law process is an excellent option for alternative dispute resolution, the participants examining this process as an option must determine whether this particular process is right for them. As an experienced family law lawyer, I would highly recommend the collaborative law process to many people with diverse circumstances … Read More


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“Get real!” The authenticity of the parties in their communication with each other helps the collaborative process. When the parties are able to express their own rainbow of emotions/feelings and opinions/thoughts in a safe environment, each is better able to understand the issues and participate in reaching resolution. Just as in the realm of advocacy, where the authenticity of the … Read More

The Gatekeeper

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As a collaborative family lawyer, I have discovered that I am a gatekeeper. Usually one of the parties comes to me for summary advice early in the separation. We discuss the facts, the issues to be resolved, and the processes available for that resolution. Under the Family Law Act, there is an obligation upon lawyers to ensure that we have … Read More

I want to keep the house

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provided by Patricia Lalonde During separation, this is a feeling that often arises. It comes from a strong desire to retain some sense of security and familiarity during a time of major upheaval. Does it make sense to keep the house? Does that spouse recognize the sacrifices they might need to make in order to keep the house? These are … Read More

Guideline Income Calculations

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provided by Patricia Lalonde Tax returns show Total Income and Taxable Income and Deductions to Business Income and Earned Income and Dividend Income and Pension Income etc. But nowhere does it say “Guideline Income.” How do you calculate “Guideline Income” for the purposes of Spousal and Child Support in the case of Separation? It’s complicated. Many Canadians now are self-employed … Read More