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provided by Lisa Dewar Under the Divorce Act, lawyers have an obligation to ensure that separating spouses are aware of the resources available within their communities to assist with reconciliation if possible. Typically, this refers to counsellors who can help parties improve their interpersonal communication, achieve greater intimacy, establish better boundaries, manage their emotions (such as anger, anxiety or depression), … Read More


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provided by Lisa Dewar For those of us raised in the western European world view, listening often seems less important than speaking. We want to be heard, and we often start speaking before the former speaker has finished. We expect direct eye contact. With mediation we are trained to listen more carefully, to affirm and validate. The participants may comment … Read More

Parental Gatekeeping in Separation and Divorce

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provided by Gerry Bock The Problem . . . In a contested separation and/or divorce, it is typically very challenging to keep the feelings and animosity towards the “other” party from negatively impacting the child or children involved. The negative feelings and chaotic adjustment often “spills over” into a lack of support for the parent/child relationship of the other parent, … Read More

Dealing with divorce or separation stress

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provided by, Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation Deciding to divorce or separate can wreak havoc on your emotional wellbeing. Add kids to the mix and the stress involved can even impact a child’s self esteem. Here’s how to help alleviate that stress — in yourself and in your children. The stress associated with separation and divorce, however amicable, is … Read More

Excluded Property 2016: Where are we now?

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submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation It has been an interesting year for family law lawyers giving advice to clients about division of property and how to ensure they can keep the assets they are bringing into the relationship in the event of separation. Since blended families are more and more common, parties are entering into relationships and … Read More

Exercise Can Heal You!!

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submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation “Exercise”, I tell my clients, “will really help you with your recovery”. As I say these words, I am keenly watching their attention and reaction. Mostly I feel like the teacher in Charlie Brown; “waaa, waaa, waaa, waaa” I am sure they hear me saying (immediately after they hear the word exercise). … Read More

Who needs conflict?!

submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation Conflict is inevitable in life and many people go out of their way to avoid it. Typically, this is not helpful. Issues do not get resolved and people suffer in silence. Therefore, getting good at conflict as opposed to avoiding it should be the goal. As people we have differing views, opinions … Read More


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provided by Lisa Dewar / Milne Selkirk Problem-solving is different from going to war. Resolving conflict cooperatively allows each party to feel they have made a “good trade”. Legal wars are fought in the adversarial litigation process, where parties become polarized and dedicated to their own positions, believing that a judge will agree with them and punish (or at least … Read More

The Proverbial Orange

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provided by Lisa Dewar / Milne Selkirk In trying to understand the parties’ circumstances and assist in resolving the outstanding legal issues, collaborative lawyers look at the parties’ hopes, concerns and fears. We ask about each issue: “why is that important to you?” For example, both parties may want to stay in the family home. However, is the house itself … Read More

Are You A Control Freak or a Control Enthusiast?

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provided by Art Kewin / Divorce Road Map People who cannot control themselves try to control those around them. Deep psychological needs underlie their attempts to control others. I no longer practice psychology, however it remains important to understand that control freaks always self-destruct legally and financially when negotiating their divorce. Then, for the potential control “enthusiasts” among us, I’ll … Read More