Life Coaching

submitted by Maritze Verdun-Jones “In addition to divorce coaching which primarily assists separating individuals to reach their goals as it relates to the divorce issues which may arise (such as co-parenting effectively as one example), life coaching may also be complementary to this process. More specifically, a life coach may be able to assist individuals reach their goals and timelines … Read More

Section 8 of the Family Law Act and Collaborative Law

submitted by Maritze Verdun-Jones Section 8 (1) of the Family Law Act imposes a duty on “family dispute resolution professionals” to canvass with a party involved in a family law dispute various types of family dispute resolution mechanisms available to them – in addition to informing the party of any known facilities or resources that may assist in resolving the … Read More


forwarded from Jas Salh If you are classified as a “U.S. person”, you may be subject to certain U.S. tax filing requirements and not even know it. Does this apply to you? The definition of a “U.S. person” generally includes * U.S. citizens * U.S. residents * U.S. green card holders * anyone who has a substantial connection to the … Read More

There’s an ELEPHANT in the room!!

submitted by Patricia LalondeThat elephant has been the subject of money throughout your relationship. It’s a tough subject. Not because arithmetic is complicated, but, because the subject is loaded with emotional baggage and multi-generational values. When a relationship ends, that baggage of emotionally charged money matters needs to be opened, scrutinized, clarified and divided. This is no easy task! To … Read More

The Three Most Important Words

submitted by Gerry Bock Nasty Hurricane Andrew In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew went bananas. Like a drunk on too many Tequilas, he tore into South Florida with wind gusts of 175mph, redrawing the landscape. Approximately 600,000 homes and businesses bore the brunt of his menacing and destructive actions. By the time Andrew left, he had run up a tab of … Read More

Defeating Fraud

submitted by Jas K. Salh IT’S A HEADLINE THAT APPEARS all too often. Fraudsters posing as agents from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) call innocent Canadians saying they owe back taxes. The call sometimes includes a threat of arrest if they don’t pay up. In 2015, 763 Canadians reported being defrauded by this scam, with losses totalling $2.5 million. These … Read More

Why Becoming Upset about Adversity is a Waste of Time

submitted by Gerry Bock Should you walk away when facing the impossible, or test yourself against the odds? Imagine you are living 3,000 years ago. Your job is to bring food to the battle front. You arrive to find the army quaking with fear, deadlocked in a standoff, afraid of being badly beaten by the opposition. The enemy is daring … Read More


submitted by Art Kewin Uncoupling is a consequence of spousal conflict that generates even more conflict. Typically, conflicts about kids, money, property, debts, cash flow, taxation and financial security now and in retirement. How spouses deal with their conflicting interests and settlement goals will determine their chances – and costs – of successfully resolving their conflicts. Here is instructive wisdom … Read More

Can Mediation or Collaborative Law Ever Be A Waste Of Time, Energy and Money?

submitted by Art Kewin Many people wisely choose to avoid the hostility, delay, expense and uncertainty of litigation. They may also want more influence on the negotiating process itself and on the outcomes. Therefore, they hire a mediator or collaborative lawyers. However, sometimes that “smart money” choice leads to an astonishing waste of time, energy and money. How can that … Read More

Alcohol as a means of coping

submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation One of the common ways that people cope with the stress of separation is the use of alcohol. This can be a quick fix to sad feelings, anxiety, depression . . . even helps after a tough day at work. However, is it hurting more than it is helping? Or is it … Read More