Hard on Everyone

submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation Going through a separation or divorce is hard; hard on everyone. What is important to keep in mind as you manage through the process is that anxiety is a common reaction and experience for many. See the blogpost below for help with recognizing and dealing with anxiety. There is also a great … Read More


provided by Lisa Dewar As in any workplace, revenue is required to pay the workers. Lawyers often charge for their work on an hourly basis, so it may appear that they are extremely well -paid. However, in a law practice the hourly rate of the lawyer relates directly to the cost of doing business (known as overhead). Overhead costs include … Read More


provided by Lisa Dewar When I am asked to give independent legal advice (ILA) regarding a Separation Agreement prepared by someone else, I interview the person seeking ILA so I am sufficiently aware of the facts to consider whether the proposed Agreement is fair or not. If the terms seem reasonably fair, I can sign the ILA certificate in good … Read More

What will the Children Remember?

provided by Patricia Lalonde and Gerry Bock Long after the ink dries on the legal papers, and you have all moved on with your adult lives, what will the children do with the memories (good and not so great), that inevitably come out of conflict with the two most important people in their lives? How will the children close the … Read More


provided by Lisa Dewar Under the Divorce Act, lawyers have an obligation to ensure that separating spouses are aware of the resources available within their communities to assist with reconciliation if possible. Typically, this refers to counsellors who can help parties improve their interpersonal communication, achieve greater intimacy, establish better boundaries, manage their emotions (such as anger, anxiety or depression), … Read More


provided by Lisa Dewar For those of us raised in the western European world view, listening often seems less important than speaking. We want to be heard, and we often start speaking before the former speaker has finished. We expect direct eye contact. With mediation we are trained to listen more carefully, to affirm and validate. The participants may comment … Read More

Parental Gatekeeping in Separation and Divorce

provided by Gerry Bock The Problem . . . In a contested separation and/or divorce, it is typically very challenging to keep the feelings and animosity towards the “other” party from negatively impacting the child or children involved. The negative feelings and chaotic adjustment often “spills over” into a lack of support for the parent/child relationship of the other parent, … Read More

Dealing with divorce or separation stress

provided by, Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation Deciding to divorce or separate can wreak havoc on your emotional wellbeing. Add kids to the mix and the stress involved can even impact a child’s self esteem. Here’s how to help alleviate that stress — in yourself and in your children. The stress associated with separation and divorce, however amicable, is … Read More

Excluded Property 2016: Where are we now?

submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law CorporationIt has been an interesting year for family law lawyers giving advice to clients about division of property and how to ensure they can keep the assets they are bringing into the relationship in the event of separation. Since blended families are more and more common, parties are entering into relationships and asking … Read More

Exercise Can Heal You!!

submitted by Grace Morin / Morin Law Corporation “Exercise”, I tell my clients, “will really help you with your recovery”. As I say these words, I am keenly watching their attention and reaction. Mostly I feel like the teacher in Charlie Brown; “waaa, waaa, waaa, waaa” I am sure they hear me saying (immediately after they hear the word exercise). … Read More