What is C.A.L.M. Anyways?

The Collaborative Association of the Lower Mainland, known as C.A.L.M., is a collaborative practice group for lawyers, mental health professionals and financial advisors who are trained in collaborative divorce and serving the needs of families and individuals in communities in the Lower Mainland.  Collaborative Divorce started when an American lawyer named Stu Webb had a simple idea: agree to no court intervention and change the dialogue between separating spouses! Then Collaborative Divorce became interdisciplinary when family lawyers realized that other professionals working in the areas of mental health and finances had much to offer separating spouses and that working together as a team could lead to holistic solutions and less damage to families, especially children.

The purpose of a collaborative practice group is to create a network, or community, of collaborative professionals who support one another, train together and market and develop their practices together.  Practice groups enhance creativity, allowing for “group think” brainstorming and mentoring of the next generation of collaborative professionals. Collaborative practice groups facilitate change in society by offering opportunities to develop Collaborative Divorce as a better form of resolving disputes.

If you or someone you know is a family lawyer, mental health professional (registered clinical counselor, social worker, psychologist, etc.) or financial specialist (financial advisor or certified business valuator), we would love to tell you more about this practice that we love!

Written by Rebecca Stanley (Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator)

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