Ancient Wisdom Recycled: “Beware The Man Of One Book”

provided by D. Art Kewin / Divorce Road Map
This ancient wisdom is attributed to many learned people from Seneca (1st C) to St. Thomas Aquinas (13th C) and more recent thinkers. It is particularly valuable today for anyone seeking divorce expertise.

There are 5 key civil dispute resolution process options: kitchen table negotiations, litigation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. Which process is best?

The answers you receive to the first question should be weighted against this ancient advice.

Why? Professionals expert in one or more of these processes have invested a great deal to acquire their expertise. Basic legal education is very expensive. Thereafter, it takes another decade of hard work to learn the craft of litigation. Out-of-court dispute resolution expertise requires even greater investment of time, energy, talent and money to qualify as a mediator, arbitrator or collaborative lawyer.

It is not surprising that professionals specializing in any of these processes think their chosen specialty is the best.

In fact, none of the processes trump the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them. To receive the Executive Summary, email [email protected] and put “Art Kewin’s CBC Interview” in the subject line.

The modern parlance for this ancient wisdom is: “When one’s preferred tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

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