Colaborative Family Law

Court May Be Worse Than You Think

If you're considering separation or divorce, you may be thinking about going through the court system. But court may be much worse than you think, for reasons that you may not have considered.

Court may be worse

In court, you may spend tens of thousands of dollars "fighting" for your "entitlement" and you may not get it. There are no certain outcomes in court. A judge - a complete stranger to your situation - will decide your legal issues. And you could lose the things you want to keep the most; for example, a judge is not really concerned about who will get the artwork, china & silver and how you will divide the photo albums. More about the court system.

But you don't have to give up control to a judge - you have an opportunity to decide what's important to you with a preferred alternative that lets you retain more control over the outcomes.

The New Family Law Act has a significant impact on married and common-law relationships.
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Save Money and Settle Faster

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Collaborative Family Law puts you and your spouse or partner in control of the separation and divorce process. If you choose the Collaborative route, you could save money, settle faster, and focus on the things you care about most and what is best for your children.

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Greater control is one of the many benefits of Collaborative Family Law.

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December 2013

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